Who We Are


Jessica Zodrow

Artistic Director/Founder

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was enchanted by the theatre. And when she grew up, she dreamed of starting her very own theatre company and school. She filled her life with storytelling and studied every type of theatre that she could. She traveled to far off places like New York City and San Francisco in order to expand her heart and mind. Blessed with the gifts of family and friends, over twenty years of experience in creating theatre, and a Masters in Theatre Education from NYU, Jessica Zodrow is finally able to bring her dream to life. She welcomes you to joy & wonder theatre, a place where anything is possible and everyone is welcome!

"A theatre is the most intoxicating and magical space in the known universe. As an immersive theatre creator, I know that a 'theatre' can be created out of any space. And in that space, we can speak truths, make mischief, and stir up magic."